Ms Rotterdam

Launched in 1997, the Rotterdam is the seventh in a series of Holland America flagships with 61849 tons and 1404 passengers. With a maximum cruising speed of 25 knots and all the modern comforts typical of a relatively large ship, the Rotterdam sits on the fine line between classic and modern. You will find a high percentage of outdoor cabins that feature verandas, the Pinnacle Grill, fine dining alternative and the Explorations Cafe, a library, internet cafe and bar wrapped in a popular hangout. On Rotterdam you will also find features typical of Holland America's unique history and service. The mythical past of the entire line can be seen throughout the ship, Dutch officers are happy to share the company's history with curious passengers. In addition, the Indonesian and Filipino staff continue Holland America's tradition of serving its customers with class and small details such as white gloves and a smile and an ever-present refined education.