Oceania Cruises

Established in 2002 by veterans of the luxury cruise industry Frank Del Rio, Joe Watters and Bob Binder, Oceania Cruises is the largest line of premium class cruises in the world. The characteristics that distinguish it among the rest are:

1. "The Finest Cuisine at Sea"

2. "Destination Specialist"

3. "Intimate & Luxurious Ships"

These features define the five-star product of Oceania Cruises, positioning it as the cruise company preferred by travelers in search of a truly refined, casual and elegant travel experience.

In February 2007, Oceania Cruises became a subsidiary of Prestige Cruise Holdings, Inc. under the control of the Apollo Management Investment group. Oceania Cruises therefore benefits from a better financial plan. The construction of two new ships with a capacity of 1250 passengers was launched in March 2007. Oceania Cruises entrusts this project to the Italian Fincantieri shipyards. These two Oceania-class cruise ships, named Marina and Riviera, were respectively built in 2011 and 2012.

 In September 2014, Prestige Cruise Holdings, Inc. is taken over by the Norwegian Cruise Line. In November 2014, the Norwegian Cruise Line announces the purchase of the Ocean Princess ship from Princess Cruises to expand the Oceania Cruises fleet. This new ship joined the Oceania Cruises fleet in 2016. The former Ocean Princess underwent a 40-day restyling in Marseille before being renamed Sirena. Today, Oceania Cruises is one of the world's leading premium cruise lines, with a fleet of six elegantly furnished boats and luxury facilities.


Oceania Fleet:

Oceania Sirena, Oceania Insignia, Oceania Marina, Oceania Nautica, Oceania Regata, Oceania Riviera