Star Clippers

Star Clippers Cruise Line was founded in 1989 by Mickael Krafft, a Swedish ship enthusiast since childhood. His first ships were called "Star Flyer" and "Star Clipper". The architecture and design of these ships constructed in Ghent, Belgium are inspired by clippers built during the "golden age of sailing" in the 19th century. In the 2000s, Krafft purchased a third sailboat, the largest of its kind nowadays, the Royal Clipper. This 134 meter long ship has 42 sails and 5 masts. Initially, Star Clippers offered cruises on the Malay Peninsula.

Star Clippers is specialized in luxury cruises. The shore excursions are planned in particular for couples looking for magical and romantic moments and for groups of friends who wish to share exceptional moments.

Star Clippers Fleet:
Royal Clipper, Star Clipper, Star Flayer