Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is located at the mouth of the Tagus and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Its glorious past makes Lisbon a mix of museums, cathedrals, castles, and noble palaces. Lisbon is full of neighborhoods with ornate residences that make it unique. The pavements are often paved with black and white volcanic stones that make the city unique.
Lisbon was destroyed by a devastating earthquake in 1755 and many of the old buildings have been lost, so the city's architecture is not as old as that found in some European capitals. The city is built on a hill and the constant ups and downs can make for a tiring visit. As you get off the ship, the passenger port is close to the central square of the city and we recommend renting an electric bike, which will help you on the many climbs. If you really don't feel like a bike, hop on a tram and enjoy the city on board. Don't miss the Barrio Alto, the Alfama district, the Belem Tower, and the aquarium in the EXPO area. Don't forget to eat shellfish Lisbon is the best place to eat shellfish in Europe and of course cod. If you like sweets, you can't miss the Pastel de nata puff pastry and cream tartlets that you can't miss. There are several vantage points around the city to watch out for pickpockets who take advantage of the crowds as well as the trams. They are notorious for their skill.