Hamburg, the most important port in Germany and is one of the most beautiful cities, but also one of the most underrated destinations in Europe. Many people have yet to visit it. We think it is one of the most sophisticated cities in Germany. 
Hamburg, officially founded by Charlemagne, was destroyed by Allied bombing during World War II, but much of it was rebuilt in the traditional style, with a great sense of continuity with the past. Few modern intrusive structures upset the skyline, so the churches and the beautiful Rathaus dominate the urban landscape. The notable exception is the HafenCity, a distinct district of new housing, offices, and cultural centers.
The city is rich in individual monuments linked to its maritime heritage: excellent museums, historical ships, architectural landmarks. Visitors can simply enjoy walking along the promenade along the Elbe River, the canal paths of the Speicherstadt (warehouse district), and the footpaths on the lake. Daily cruises are a popular pastime, with numerous boat operators departing from the Landungsbrucken pier for cruises on the Elbe and from Jungfernsteig for Alster trips.